Stars Align band size 8.5
Stars Align band size 8.5

Stars Align band size 8.5

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A symbolic sterling silver band.

The band is hand carved meticulously in wax. Your choice of star sign is carved into the band in the form of its constellation. This ring is meant to have rough edges and imperfections. 

Once the band has been sanded, filed and carved by hand, it is sent to our casting house to be impressioned in sterling silver. Gold upon request only.

The band is decorated with stars, crescent moons and other small constellations.

We receive the band back in its rough state. We then saw, file, sand, patina and polish the ring.

This particular band has no set star sign, just small constellations, moons and stars. Its a one off in size 8.5

If you want this ring in your size and constellation choice, please email us and advise your choices. Lead time is around 3 weeks to ship.

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