Jewellery Care

It is very important to look after our jewels!

With time and elements, they can become dull and brittle so make sure to always take jewellery off when showering, washing up, using any sort of chemicals or body products etc. Its best to not expose them to anything that can affect them. 

The best way to clean your new jewels is with a polishing cloth (available in our ADD ONS collection!!) or with warm soapy water and a tooth brush! Try not to clean too often, only when it really needs a spruce up. As mentioned above, over exposure to any of these elements (and more) can compromise your stone!

Majority of the stones used in our jewellery are porous and absorb the elements that come into contact with it! This can change the appearance, colour and hardness of the stone.

So keep those jewels clean and remember to take them off when needed!